7/22/2018 @ SHIBUMI

Life Cycle of Food - Summer [OCEAN]

DATE: This Sunday, July 22nd LOCATION: SHIBUMI DTLA 815 S Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 PARKING: Please park at the parking structure directly adjacent to the restaurant Uber/Lift recommended ARRIVAL: 6 - 6:30 PM Champagne // Orsi Vigneto San Vito Sui Lieviti 2016 Pet Nat Tea // Purple Rose (sparkling) SEATED DINNER: 7 PM ____________________ Song Tea // Cold Lishan Winter Sprout Chef David Junsai “water shield” fresh water seaweed from japan, brunoise of yamaimo “mountain yam” tosa-zu (kastuo dash, vinegar sauce) ____________________ ASAHI Chef David Hemp Leaf Tempura Chef Joseph Santa Barbra Spot prawn "ssam" + Ketnip (sesame leaf) (shiso) Girl & Dug Kinder Herbs, Triniti's yuzu kosho Supplement : Air Cured Waygu with Summer Brassicas and smoked marrow broth ____________________ Arabashiri Sake Chef David Octopus, umeboshi "salted california plum paste," house made red shiso vinegar ____________________ Eva Fricke Rheingau Riesling QBA Trocken 2016 Chef David Tofu / house made silken tofu, ankakeh of crab and chrysanthemum ____________________ Eva Fricke Rheingau Riesling QBA Trocken 2016 Chef Joseph Roasted tokyo turnip, creme fraiche (aerated), sweet onion tuile. baby banana, bronze fennel, nasturtium, soy and brown butter ____________________ Guimaro Ribeira Sacra Blanco 2016 Chef Joseph Seabass with fried rice ( kochi kari, fried with marrow fat, Oboru combu, sushi vinegar, truffle) braised asian greens :ong choi, water spinach, boy choi, my XO served on side (my katsubushi) ____________________ Oshibori Towel + Aesop Anouk Essential Oil - Lemon Rind, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont Rind Winter Sprout Red. DESSERT Chef Joseph Lemon Verbena Ice Cream, Poached Rhubarb, sliced Korean asian pear Chef David TOKYO BANANA Aesop Departing Gift.

Start: Sat Jul 21st 8:45am

End: Sun Jul 22nd 3:00pm

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Special Add-ons

Wine & Sake - Beverage Pairing

Sparkling // Viña Somoza "Neno" 2015 in lieu of the Guimaro. Tea // Purple Rose (sparkling) Song Tea // Cold Lishan Winter Sprout ASAHI Arabashiri Sake Eva Fricke Rheingau Riesling QBA Trocken 2016 Guimaro Ribeira Sacra Blanco 2016 Winter Sprout Red.


A special course by Chef Joseph Geiskopf. Served after the Main Fish Entree. - Air cured waygu with summer brassicas and smoked marrow broth.